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Glass Masters Tesla Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

There is something about Tesla Motors’ electric automobiles that borders on cult-like. People feel that Teslas are distinct from other vehicles on the road, despite their age.


Some Tesla fans see the mystique as a recruiting tool, and the company uses it to that end. Perhaps that’s why some of Tesla’s fans believe that the Model S is for everyone who can afford its $70,000 base price. The halo effect of the Tesla name is so strong that anyone leasing or purchasing a Model S may feel more at ease with an all-electric minivan than they would with a gasoline-powered automobile.


Regardless, Tesla Motor Company is a benchmark to which the rest of the automotive industry should aspire.

Tesla’s Model S is a pivotal product for electric cars, and an important stepping stone to profitable mass production. Tesla’s marketing department has successfully created a powerful brand image around their products that can be compared to that of Apple in terms of cult-like devotion, despite the fact that Teslas are considerably less popular than apple computers. Tesla Motors seems determined not to rest on its laurels however, with plans in place for new Tesla models in addition to future Teslas with autopilot capabilities.


With advances in modern lane sensing technology, you will need to make sure that your Tesla windshield replacement is performed by an expert in the trade. Glass Masters is here for you if you need Tesla auto glass replacement in Minnesota! We provide high-quality windshield replacements at reasonable costs, we work with all insurance providers and we provide on-site lane departure recalibration!

Some of the Tesla vehicles that we service include:

  • 3
  • S
  • X
  • Y

Why Choose Glass Masters?

– Each replacement is expertly installed by one of our skilled & AGSC certified technicians to ensure that your vehicle will be safe on the road again as soon as possible.

– We only use the highest quality glass and supplies.

– We offer a 30 minute Drive away time on all installations and can guarantee an OEM quality seal!

– We offer high quality Tesla Auto Glass Replacements at an affordable price and we work with all insurance providers.

– We Offer a lifetime warranty.

– Glass Masters is also available for mobile services so we will come to you at work, home or any other location that works with your busy schedule.


Glass Masters can handle all of your Tesla vehicle glass replacement needs. We are MN’s best Windshield Replacement Company, so call us now for a free estimate or to book an appointment online. If you need Tesla windshield repair/replacement service in Minnesota, Glass Masters is the place to go! Give us a call right now and let one of our courteous CSRs help you file your claim or provide you with a competitive auto glass quote.