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Glass Masters is here for you if you need Lamborghini auto glass replacement in Minnesota! We provide high-quality windshield replacements at reasonable costs, we work with all insurance providers and we provide on-site lane departure recalibration!


Lamborghini's History

Despite being recognized for launching high-end automobile companies & producing very reliable tractors, it took Lamborghini fifteen years to start producing sports cars. Lamborghini’s rise to prominence in the Italian auto industry has been a story of triumph, tempered by his feud with Ferrari, which put both firms under media scrutiny as their fierce rivalry with one another grew in scope.

Rivalry Between Ferrari & Lamborghini Birthed A Company

According to Valentino Balboni, Lamborghini’s longtime test driver, Ferruccio Lamborghini kept burning the clutch on his Ferrari 250 GT, which was eventually the reason behind the big feud between him (Lamborghini) and Enzo Ferrari.


Ferruccio eventually dismantled the Ferrari engine and transmission after replacing the clutch a few times, only to discover that the clutch they used was a commercial part. This enraged Ferruccio, who felt it was poor business practice considering that Ferraris are such pricey cars. After a discussion between the two of them, Ferrari said that the problem wasn’t the clutch, but the driver. Infuriated, Lamborghini vowed to make the best sports car in Italy.

Fueled ​By Rivalry

Lamborghini was driven to create the best sports car in Italy after his rivalry with Ferrari inspired him and his firm. He already had a factory that could produce automobiles, which helped his new company get off the ground fast. His cars were named after bulls because of his interest in bullfighting. Lamborghini simply wanted to build a Ferrari-beater and he definitely did!


Eventually, Ferruccio sold the business and the company changed hands several times until finally, it was purchased by Volkswagen in the late 1990s

Aside From Their Intriguing Past

Modern Lamborghinis are works of art that require a master technician to replace the auto glass. You should always choose the master technicians at Glass Masters.

Some of the Lamborghini vehicles that we service include:

  • Huracan
  • Urus

Why Choose Glass Masters?

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