Rock Chip Auto Glass Repair Services in Wayzata

Do you need auto glass repair services for a rock chip on your vehicle in Wayzata?

Despite their small size, rock chips pose a major safety risk if you’re driving in Wayzata. If the road is bumpy, rock chips can widen into serious cracks, potentially obstructing your view of the road. Keep yourself and other drivers safe by bringing in the specialists at Glass Masters.

Professional Rock Chip Repair Experts

When you contact Glass Masters about a rock chip on the windshield of your vehicle in Wayzata, we always aim to respond within 24 hours. We’ll arrange for one of our experts to come out and repair the rock chip before it develops into a larger problem.


We start our rock chip repair service by creating a gap near the chip. This allows us to inject our high-quality resin to fill in the rock chip. Once the resin has done its job, we seal the area using pit filler before curing the filler using a UV light. Our efficient process helps you get back on the roads of Wayzata quickly and safely.

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    Although it’s tempting to ignore small rock chips picked up around Wayzata, you may end up having to replace the entire windshield if you don’t get them fixed. That’s why we’ve made our repair process quick and easy. Our repairs are also protected by a lifetime warranty.

    Dependable Rock Chip Repair Specialists in Wayzata

    If a small stone causes a rock chip in the windshield of your vehicle, it can soon grow into a serious safety hazard. 


    Give Glass Masters a call today for the best rock chip auto glass repair services in the Wayzata area!