Rock Chip Auto Glass Repair Services in Minnetonka

Do you need rock chip auto glass repair services for your vehicle in Minnetonka?

When driving around Minnetonka, rocks and other debris can create chips in your windshield. If these rock chips aren’t repaired, the cracks can widen due to changing temperatures or bumpy roads. You may end up having to replace the entire windshield unless you bring your car to the experts at Glass Masters.

Expert Rock Chip Repairs

At Glass Masters, we respond to your call within 24 hours. We’ll send out one of our professional technicians to tackle the rock chip damage on your vehicle in Minnetonka. Thanks to top-notch materials, our experts can repair your windshield quickly and efficiently.


To repair the windshield of your automobile in Minnetonka, we start by creating an opening within the rock chip damage. We then apply high-grade resins to seal the crack. Once the first round of resin has cured, our technicians follow up with pit filler resin before curing this using ultraviolet light.

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    Like our other glass repair services, our rock chip auto glass repairs are covered by our lifetime warranty. This guarantees that if our repair work does crack, we’ll refund the cost of our repair work against the price of a new windshield.

    Rock Chip Auto Glass Repair Specialists in Minnetonka

    Driving with a rock chipped windshield can be extremely dangerous. 


    Contact the dedicated specialists at Glass Masters today for the most effective rock chip auto glass repair services in the Minnetonka area!