Rock Chip Auto Glass Repair Services in Maple Plain, MN

Do you require rock chip auto glass repair services in Maple Plain?


Rock chips occur when small stones and other debris is kicked up by other vehicles, hitting your windshield. Although these chips can be small at first, they will gradually get bigger if they aren’t dealt with. Severe rock chips can impact your vision while driving, so enlist Maple Plain’s leading rock chip auto glass repair services from Glass Masters.

Trusted Rock Chip Repair Masters

At Glass Masters, our tried and tested rock chip repair services are available anywhere in Maple Plain. If you report a rock chip to our dedicated team, we’ll endeavor to respond within 24 hours.


Our rock chip repair process has been honed over many years. We start by inspecting the rock chip on your windshield to determine how bad it is. We then enlarge the crack to make it easier to apply our powerful resin. Once the resin is in place, the chip is sealed with pit filler and cured with UV light. You can then get back on the road in Maple Plain.


We’re very confident in the quality of our auto glass repairs. That’s why all of our rock chip repairs in Maple Plain come with a lifetime warranty

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    If a rock chip on your windshield is impacting your vision, have it professionally fixed before it causes an accident. Contact Glass Masters today for the most effective rock chip auto glass repair services in the Maple Plain area!