Rock Chip Auto Glass Repair Services in Delano

Do you need rock chip auto glass repair services for your car in Delano?


When your windshield gets hit by small rocks or stones, the damage can seem fairly minor. However, if these cracks aren’t repaired, the windshield of your vehicle could crack due to temperature fluctuations or bumps while driving on the road. Thankfully, the team at Glass Masters knows how to repair the rock chip damage on the glass of your vehicle in Delano.

First-Class Rock Chip Repair Services

At Glass Masters, our team will always try to respond within 24 hours if you let us know that your windshield has been damaged by rock chips. When you’re driving, the durability of your windshield should be the least of your worries. That’s why our experts endeavor to repair the windshield of your automobile in Delano quickly and safely.


After responding to your call, we’ll arrange a rendezvous with one of our professional technicians in Delano. We begin by exposing the damaged area to the air before injecting our professional-grade resins into the crack. Once the resin has cured, we apply pit filler and perform a final curing process with a UV light.

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    Although cracks from rock chips can seem insignificant, it’s cheaper to repair them than to replace the entire windshield. To give you peace of mind, our rock chip auto glass repairs are covered by our lifetime warranty.

    Professional Rock Chip Auto Glass Repairs in Delano

    If the windshield of your car has been damaged by rock chips, get it taken care of immediately. 


    Call the experts at Glass Masters today for reliable auto glass rock chip repair services in the Delano area!