Rock Chip Auto Glass Repair Services in Chanhassen

Does your vehicle in Chanhassen require auto glass repair services for a rock chip?


Small rocks can easily chip your windshield when they get kicked up on the road. Over time, these chips can grow into large cracks, obstructing your visibility on the roads of Chanhassen. That’s where the auto glass repair specialists at Glass Masters come in.

Rock Chip Repair Specialists

Even a small rock chip on your windshield can become a big problem if it isn’t dealt with. As you continue driving, the bumpy roads and temperature fluctuations in Chanhassen can cause the chip to grow. At Glass Masters, we’re rock chip repair specialists who can quickly return your windshield to pristine condition. 


Once you contact us regarding a rock chip on the windshield of your vehicle in Chanhassen, we’ll try and arrange an appointment within 24 hours. We start by creating an opening around the rock chip before filling the gap with high-quality resins. The area is then sealed with pit filler and cured using UV light.

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    If you keep driving around the Chanhassen area with a rock chip on your windshield, the repair bill will just keep getting bigger. Eventually, you may even need to replace the entire windshield. Save time and money by calling Glass Masters straight away. Our repairs are protected by our lifetime warranty.

    Chanhassen’s Best Rock Chip Auto Glass Repairs

    Repair the rock chip in the windshield of your vehicle before it becomes a big problem. 

    Get in touch with Glass Masters today for the best rock chip auto glass repair services in the Chanhassen area!