Glass Repair & Replacement Services for Hitachi Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Glass Repair & Replacement

Is your Hitachi equipment due for glass repair and replacement services?


If your Hitachi machinery isn’t at 100% capacity, then neither is your productivity on the job. Although construction equipment is uniquely capable of tons of powerful lifting, excavating, and more, even the most advanced equipment will occasionally need glass replacement and repair services. If this is the case for you, you may need help from professional vehicle glass repair technicians.

Reliable Glass Repair & Replacement for Construction Equipment

From the start, Glass Masters has been a Twin Cities-based auto glass repair company with one goal: to help you get back on the job as quickly as possible. Your Hitachi construction equipment is designed to withstand rigorous job site requirements and keep up with the demands of your job, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to damage. 

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    If something happens to the windshield of your construction equipment, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation. Although any type of damage can be costly and time-consuming to repair, broken or missing glass can be particularly hazardous because it compromises safety and productivity. If you’re worried about your work situation because of broken or missing glass on your Hitachi equipment, don’t wait another minute to speak with Glass Masters.

    The Premier Glass Repair & Replacement for Hitachi Construction Equipment

    If you are ready to take back control of your construction equipment, give us a call. Reach out to Glass Masters today for the quickest glass repair and replacement services for Hitachi vehicles in the Twin Cities area!

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