How to Choose an Honest & Trusted Auto Glass Replacement Company in MN

There are dozens of auto glass repair shops offering windshield replacement in the Twin Cities metro so when it comes time to get your windshield fixed, you might find yourself asking “which one should I pick?” Some auto glass replacement companies offer good, honest services and others do the bare minimum for an easy profit. Finding an honest windshield repair and replacement company that you can rely on for quality work might require you to do some digging.

There are a few factors you should consider when trying to find the best auto glass company in the Twin Cities. Read on to learn what you should be looking out for.


4 Signs of a Quality Windshield Replacement Company

  1. They’re AGSC Certified – The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) provides certification to auto glass replacement companies that demonstrate expert-level knowledge of the proper procedures for auto glass repairs and replacements. When looking for a company to repair your windshield, make sure they’ve received AGSC Certification. If they’re not certified, their work probably isn’t very good.
  2. Their Work is Insured & Warrantied – Any honest windshield replacement company in the Twin Cities will have insurance that covers their work, and a warranty guaranteeing its quality. Be sure to ask the technicians replacing your windshield if their work is insured and warrantied. Remember that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is; some less-than-reputable companies will replace your windshield for $150 but won’t guarantee their work because they know their shoddy repairs won’t last.
  3. They Use Proper Windshield Replacement Techniques – In order to properly replace a windshield, it is necessary to disassemble all parts of the car around the windshield, then reassemble them when installation is finished. If an auto glass replacement company simply props up the cowl and wiper blades, and breaks the windshield molding clips to get the damaged windshield off, they aren’t doing a thorough job. If this happens to your car, you’ll discover the consequences of their sub-par work when your roofline begins to rust because the new windshield wasn’t installed correctly.
  4. They Use High-Quality Urethane – Urethane is the adhesive used to seal your windshield. High-quality urethane has a dry-time of just 30 minutes and will form a waterproof bond between auto glass and your car. Cheaper urethane takes much longer to dry and is prone to leaking. Unfortunately, many auto glass companies in the Twin Cities buy cheap urethane to save money. You’ll know you went to such a company if your windshield starts letting water in around the edges.


The Most Trusted Auto Glass Repairs & Replacements in MN

If you’ve been searching for an honest windshield repair and replacement company that performs excellent work, let that search end with Glass Masters. Give us a call today if you need auto glass repair or replacement services in the Twin Cities metro area!

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