How Much is the Cost of Windshield Replacement & Will My Insurance Rates Increase?


The Cost of Windshield Replacement

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It’s easy to see that the cost of windshield replacement can vary and that depends on a variety of factors. Sometimes, insurance companies may cover some or all of the costs associated with replacing your windshield. If you are not insured, the cost of windshield replacement will range depending on the various different features that your vehicle may come equipped with. What are you looking for? A competitive cash quote, or to file an insurance claim? Glass Masters is always happy to go over every option available to you, so that you can make an informed decision.

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Payment Methods


If you do not have a deductible, it is 0$ out of pocket.

Auto Glass Claims Will NOT Raise Your Insurance Premiums!

Authorization is granted to us by your insurance provider after we’ve had a chance to initiate and complete a brief, three-way phone call with you and your provider. After that, approval is normally received within a few minutes. We’ll take care of the rest from there! If you happen to have a deductible, Glass Masters will make sure it is less than your total cost and worth filing the claim. And no, auto glass claims will NOT raise your rates! If you would like more details about insurance claims from Glass Masters, please visit our Auto Glass Insurance page by Clicking HERE.

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There are times when adding Glass Coverage to the insurance policy simply get’s overlooked. If you find yourself in this position, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to provide you with a competitive cash quote. Glass Masters will always help you get the best price out of pocket and we are happy to explain what options are available to you, with and without the insurance option.

The average cost of windshield replacement typically ranges from $225–$1,000, but the average cash paying customer is usually not replacing glass on a newer model vehicle and often not carrying the insurance coverage for it anyway. When paying with cash, customers can expect to spend roughly $250–$350 on average, although there are always exceptions. This price difference between cash versus insurance is reflective of newer vehicles having the tendency to cost more to fix combined with carrying full coverage+ comprehensive in their insurance policies.

Cost Of windshield replacement

Autoglass claims will NOT raise your insurance rates!

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