Full Glass Coverage: What It Is and Why It’s the Best Option

Imagine that one day, you’re going for a nice pleasant drive on a country highway, when a passing semi-truck kicks up a rock and it nails your windshield. Unexpected situations like this are exactly why it’s important to have insurance for windshield damage. Now, you need to file a claim.

According to Minnesota state law, all auto insurance providers must offer an option for windshield replacement with no deductible. This option is referred to as “full glass coverage,” and it’s a deal you definitely want to take. Read on to learn why!


Benefits of Full Glass Coverage

When you pay for your auto insurance, you’ll have two options regarding your windshield and the other auto glass on your car. The base option is known as “comprehensive coverage.” This option will cover repairs if your auto glass is damaged by bad weather, debris or other factors. However, you may need to pay a deductible for a full windshield replacement.

The better option is to upgrade to “full glass coverage.” With this option, any repairs or replacements for the glass on your vehicle will be covered by your insurance provider and you’ll never have to pay a deductible. This protects you from a situation where your windshield is irreparably damaged and you’re stuck paying out of pocket for a replacement.

Some drivers worry that paying extra for full auto glass coverage isn’t worth it. The truth is, upgrading to full glass coverage isn’t very expensive at all. The marginal increase in your annual insurance fees is nothing compared to the cost of a windshield replacement that you’ll have to pay in full without full glass coverage. If you could know for a fact that you’ll never sustain windshield damage then maybe you could save yourself a few bucks by sticking with comprehensive coverage. But the reality is that you never know when something beyond your control will damage your vehicle, and that’s why it’s always best to have the best insurance for windshield cracks.


Choose the Most Reliable Company for Windshield Replacement

In our humble opinion, full auto glass coverage is more than worth the uptick in price from comprehensive coverage. If your vehicle needs to have any auto glass repaired or replaced, then it’s important to find a trusted local company to get the job done right. Get in touch with Glass Masters today if you’d like us to repair or replace your windshield in the Twin Cities metro area!

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