Before & After Care for Your Autoglass is Easy, But Also Important


Auto Glass Repair and Replacement – Before and After Care Instructions

Before and after care for your auto glass replacement or repair is pretty simple.

There are only a few important dos and don’ts for the customer to follow.

Before Your Appointment

Windshield repair, Before & After Care For Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

  1. Please do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours prior to auto glass repair or replacement.
  2. Never run a car through the car wash if the windshield has a chip in it that you want fixed.  (Any sediment, including wax, dirt & grease will decrease the quality of the repair.)
  3. (Prior to a rock chip repair) always cover windshield repair with clear packaging tape to keep it clean and dry.

After Care

  1. Our experts will also be using Dow’s 30Express urethane adhesive to glue the new glass to the car. This Urethane (Xpress30) requires 30 minutes to cure (dry and solidify fully). ALWAYS WAIT FOR THE ALLOTTED TIME! We will advise you about the best time for you to safely drive the car away.
  2. You can remove the tape as soon as the vehicle is safe to drive. The tape is only there to position the windshield.
  3. After having any auto glass replacement, Glass Masters always cleans up all of the old glass. But we advise the customer to have the vehicle thoroughly vacuumed just to make absolutely certain that all small shards and glass pieces of the old, damaged car glass are not left behind.
  4. Before turning your windshield wipers on, it is important that you get the wipers checked and replaced if required. It is also important to double check the functionality of any ADAS Systems.
  5. As you drive the car away, leave the car windows open if weather permits.
  6. It is important to keep the car away from high-pressure car washes and wax treatments or detailing for at least 48 hours after the windshield replacement process.

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