Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in New Germany

Effective Auto Glass Repairs

Are you seeking mobile auto glass repair and replacement services in New Germany?


Many factors can lead to your car’s windshield being cracked or even outright shattered. Driving with a broken windshield is both dangerous and illegal. To have your auto glass repaired or replaced in New Germany without putting yourself at risk, rely on the company that brings our service to you!

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    Dependable Auto Glass Repair Service

    At Glass Masters, our customers are as good as family, which is why we place great value on a quick response time and first class mobile auto glass repair services. Whether your vehicle’s windshield needs repairs or a full replacement, our team will come out to your home in New Germany to restore your auto glass to perfect condition.


    Glass Masters offers mobile auto glass replacements for privately owned or leased automobiles as well as commercial and construction vehicles. In addition to repairing windshields, our technicians repair and replace rear and door windows, side mirrors, sunroofs and moonroofs. If your car has an Advanced Driver Assistance System, we can recalibrate it for you to ensure that it is still functioning properly after our auto glass replacements.

    The Most Trusted Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in New Germany

    If you need an auto glass repair company that brings our repair crew to you, and always prioritizes both great customer service and excellent work, we’re your best choice.


    Get in contact with Glass Masters today for top tier auto glass repair and replacement services in the New Germany area!