Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Maple Plain

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While windshields are built to withstand a lot of abuse, car accidents, storm damage and heavy debris may chip, crack or outright shatter them. Once cracked, a windshield will obscure your visibility while driving and is also much likelier to shatter in a collision. Instead of taking your car into a mechanic’s shop for windshield repairs or replacement, let the technicians come to you! Glass Masters offers mobile repair services directly to your home in Maple Plain.

High-Quality Auto Glass Repair Service

Glass Masters makes it a priority to treat every customer like family, and our service always reflects that. Within 24 hours of being contacted, we will set up an appointment with you to have one of our repair experts drive out to your Maple Plain residence with the proper equipment to repair or replace any damaged auto glass. No matter how battered your windows are, we’ll fix them up so well that you’ll never know the crack was there!

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    In addition to passenger cars, Glass Masters also performs our premium services on commercial and construction vehicles. Aside from windshields, we also repair and replace side mirrors, sunroofs and moonroofs, and door and rear windows. If necessary, our professionals can also recalibrate your Advanced Driver Assistance System.

    A1 Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Maple Plain

    Look no further for reputable auto glass replacement. At Glass Masters, we maintain our excellent reputation with a combination of flawless vehicular glasswork and fast, friendly customer service.


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