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Road collisions, kicked up debris, hail and acts of vandalism are all common causes of damage to a car’s windshield. A cracked windshield can impair your visibility, land you with a ticket, and increase the risk of a shatter during a collision. If you’re worried about driving to an auto body shop to get your damaged auto glass repaired or replaced, we have good news: Glass Masters will come out to your Delano residence to fix the problem!

Dependable Auto Glass Replacement Service

At Glass Masters, we treat our customers like family. If you reach out to us with a cracked or shattered glass emergency, we respond as quickly as possible and set up a mobile repair appointment. Then, we’ll send one of our skilled technicians out to your Delano home with all the tools needed to repair or replace your windshield. Whether you need a small crack repaired or a whole windshield replaced, when we’re through with your vehicle, it’ll look better than new!

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    Glass Masters services all types of vehicles, from personal automobiles to delivery trucks to construction vehicles. In addition to our high-quality windshield repair and replacement services, we are also able to fix or replace damaged door and rear windows, side mirrors and sunroofs. If your Advanced Driver Assistance System has been knocked out of alignment, our specialists can recalibrate that, too.

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    Your search for a fast and reliable auto glass repair and replacement service ends here. The Glass Masters team always works our hardest to deliver the most precise glasswork and the best service to every customer. 


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